Erik Sherman

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I teach online classes and in-person workshops on business concerns and skills for working writers. To take a class or arrange a presentation, contact me.

Plan your way to greater success—however you define it—using classic and sound fundamental techniques to determine your financial goals, analyze your .

Business Planning for Writers

Learn a pragmatic way to deal with publishing contracts, taught by a frequent speaker on writing contracts and negotiation a former chair of ASJA’s Contracts Committee.

Think you know how to research online? Learn techniques, tips, processes, and resources that will boost your productivity while finding better and more varied sources for your work.

Internet Research for Writers

Marketing and sales are critical for succeeding in your writing business, but you don’t have to be a natural. Learn the principles behind real marketing and develop a client-centered approach that turns into assignments.

Marketing and Sales for Writers

Anything you want from life is going to require negotiation. Instead of being afraid, learn a process that will help you get beyond your fears and use a value-based approach to negotiate smarter and more effectively.

Negotiation for Writers

Feeling like you keep running in place and don’t get anywhere? Are you always wondering where the time went? Take control over your days, weeks, months, and years to become more productive.

Time Management for Writers


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