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Text Box: Marketing and Sales for Writers

You can’t make money if you can’t market. Whether your field is editorial, corporate, or non-profit writing, the fundamental process and concepts of marketing are the same. Learn how to put them to work for your business.

Course Summary

· Week 2: Deciding on the “right” customers, profiling customers and prospects and their fit, discounting assignment payments, lifetime customer values, rate research, client financial stability, profiling prospect needs.

· Week 3: How and when to talk about yourself, unique selling propositions, positioning, branding, platform, understanding how to really use these buzzwords and knowing what they aren’t.

· Week 4: The need for good marketing materials – and what they are, your most important calling cards, the difference between marketing and tools, the two basic types of marketing, understanding the tools you really need, knowing when to use a given tool, learning the basic structure of any marketing piece, the time line of marketing.

· Week 5: Difference between marketing and sales, what selling isn’t, stages of the buying/selling process, get the right emphasis when approaching prospects, matching the sale to the need, getting into a conversation with prospects, handling objections whether heard or silent, closing the deal.

· Week 6: Need for numbers, determine your personal sales conversion rate, planning on enough marketing and selling, enjoying marketing and sales, the biggest single problem in getting business, the power of unimportance, being genuine, negotiation.

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It doesn’t matter how well you write; if you can’t market, you can’t succeed. Unfortunately, many writers have based their marketing practices on hearsay and opinions, and 80 to 90 percent of what they’ve heard is wrong.


This class teaches you the fundamentals and real, working principles of marketing and how to start applying them in your business. Understand such basic concepts as marketing, brand, and platform, all of which are more subtle and intricate than most people realize.


Make your marketing organic and know what you are and could be to the customer. Find clients that fit your business and create a profile of the ideal prospect. Check your marketing materials - even the ones you don't realize you have. Take control of the sales process, do vital market research, create a prospecting program, and move toward your financial goals.


You’ll also learn to make numbers your friend for more effective decision-making, even if you aren’t a “math person.”

Market your way to success.

Course Syllabus:

· Week 1: Learning basic marketing principles and unlearning some bad habits. What motivates customers. Selling to a client and a buyer at the same time. Learning the emotional triggers. Handling conflicts between clients and buyers. Who your marketing is about. Getting the right relationship to a client.