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Text Box: Business Planning for Writers

Learn how business planning can help you take control, get more done, make more money, have more fun and generally see things take off.

Course Summary

 Establish financial needs.

 Identify personal inertia points.

 Evaluate clients.

 Calculate rates and budgets.

 Use layered planning.

 Identify areas for expansion.

 Create a planning feedback loop.

 Analyze cash flow.

 Develop time-based plans.

 Discount expectations.

 Analyze true assignment values.

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Create a business that meshes with what you want and that isn't just another variation of the money-producing sausage factory.


This isn't some dry, head-pounding, hair-tearing forced march to a written business plan, but practical techniques that can help you make big decisions and then put them into practice.


Calculate how much money you actually need and explore what is important to you and how that can connect to your business. Rank your clients and assignments to see how they fit with your goals, and use simple analysis to anticipate assignment and pay crunches while you can still do something about it. The course ends with some time-management techniques that will help you keep on top of what you want to achieve.


There are assignments every week running from determining what really motivates and interests you though business evaluations right down to creating metrics. The idea is that you're building what you need as you go through the class. The class runs six weeks and is meant for people who already have some experience in freelance writing.


Business planning to boost your success.

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