Erik Sherman

Complex ideas elegantly expressed


The business of this blog is business - small, big, start-up, multi-national, any industry, any sector. Any company can learn from the experience of any other, and as a freelance journalist who spends much of his time writing about business, I think it's all fascinating.


Call it madness, but I maintain a number of blogs on areas that I particularly enjoy covering.

En Words

A place to talk about words - whether from books, stories, magazines, brochures, or matchbook covers

Flash in the Pan

Everyone's got to eat. The question is how you're going to do it? There's a lot of good out there, and even more bad. We're talking news and reviews of equipment, gadgets, ingredients, restaurants, recipes, books, and anything else that fits in the pan.


A spot about the business of writing as seen by a freelance writer. That includes marketing, sales, contracts, copyright, planning, research - in short, the business end of writing.


Photography news reviews of products, services, and books, and photo techniques.