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Headshot Smarts

Here’s an article I wrote on what authors can do to get photos of themselves that look better and do more for their marketing.

Producer’s Notebook

I wrote a series of articles—a production notebook—that hopefully aids playwrights in understanding the experience of the producer and why so many arbitrary-sounding things and irritations have a basis in need.

Related Links

Here are some links that might be useful to working writers, or those who want to enter the field.

US Copyright Office

To protect your rights, you need to understand copyright and how it works. The US Copyright Office, part of the Library of Congress, is a tremendous resource.

Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors

I don’t know Jack Lynch at Rutgers, but he’s put together an interesting and extensive list of online resources for writers.

Power Reporting

Bill Dedman, someone else I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, has compiled an enormous list of free research tools for journalists.

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Business Planning for Writers

This isn’t anywhere near as extensive as the business planning course I offer at times, but it offers some of the basics.